DIALOGUE – Methodist-Catholic Commission Presents 11th Dialogue Report

Members of the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission gave a lecture on the commission’s latest report – God in Christ Reconciling – on Friday, 7 October 2022 at the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome. The Rev Dr Hermen Shastri, Prof Cathy Clifford, Dr Clare Watkins, and the Rev Prof Edgardo Colon-Emeric presented the report during this academic year’s inaugral Tillard Chair Lecture Series.

ENCOUNTER – Catholic Church Synod Leaders Meet with Methodist-Catholic Commission

H.Em. Cardinal Mario Grech and Sr Nathalie Becquart XMJC , respectively Secretary General and Undersecretary at the Synod Office of the Catholic Church, met the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission on 5 October 2022 for informal conversations about the Catholic Church’s synodal journey as well as to learn about Methodist theologies of discernment, unity, and mission.

Photo: the Methodist -Roman Catholic International Commission with Cardinal Grech and Sr Nathalie on 5 October. Photo by Martin Browne.

DIALOGUE – Pope Francis Meets Methodist-Catholic Dialogue Commission

Audience of Pope Francis
with the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission
5 October 2022

Summary: Pope Francis received members of the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission (MERCIC) in a private audience on Wednesday 5th October. The commission, which began work in 1967 and has met since without interruption, is currently meeting in Rome at the Casa Maria Immaculata for the first plenary meeting of its twelth round of dialogue. The Catholic co-chair, Bishop Shane Mackinlay of the diocese of Sandhurst, introduced the commission and its current work which focusses on mission and synodality and particularly on the way that  mission shapes the formualtion of doctrine. The Methodist co-chair, the Rev’d Prof. Edgardo Colon-Emeric, presented Pope Francis with the report of the eleventh round of dialogue, God in Christ Reconciling: On the Way to Full Communion in faith, Sacraments, and Mission, briefly explaining the main convergences of the document. Pope Francis responded by reflecting on the parable of the prodigal son underlining the report’s scriptural reflection that both Catholics and Methodists are “sons” who, by sin, have wandered from the Father’s house, and both need to return to the Father to find unity in faith and sacramental life.


H.E. Shane Mackinlay, bishop of Sandhurst, addresses the Pope Francis in English.

Your Holiness,

I am Bishop Shane Mackinlay, and I am honoured to greet you as the new Catholic Co-President of the Methodist-Catholic International Commission, along with the Methodist Co-President, and with the members of the Commission, who are meeting throughout this week.

Five years ago, you met with this Commission to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its work, which has continued uninterrupted since 1967.  On that occasion, you commended the work of the Commission’s eleventh round of dialogue, focused on reconciliation, praying that those “discussions [may] … be … an incentive to Christians everywhere to be ministers of reconciliation,” trusting in “the Spirit of God [who] brings about the miracle of reconciled unity … ordering everything in a unity that is not uniformity but a communion.”

We are pleased to report to you that the Commission has now successfully completed that eleventh round of dialogue, resulting in the document that my colleague will present to you shortly.

This week, we have begun a new round of dialogue, our twelfth.  The Commission has a number of new members and is made up of pastors and theologians drawn from every inhabited continent.  We are committed to continuing to help our respective churches to listen to one another, and to receive from the graces with which the Holy Spirit has blessed the other – graces that are “also meant to be a gift for us” (EG n. 246), as you point out in Evangelii Gaudii.

Our focus in this round of dialogue is on models of unity in belief and mission.  Encouraged by the World Methodist Council’s concern to promote mission, and inspired by your own emphasis on the call to each of the baptised to live as missionary disciples, we are exploring the structures and processes of faith and communion that enable and support the flourishing of the Church’s mission.  In reflecting on these structures in our ancient shared tradition, we are very mindful of the forthcoming 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea.  At the same time, in the more recent practices of our particular traditions, we are reflecting on the theological significance of the synodal path on which you are leading the Catholic Church, and of the various conferencing processes that are so well established in the Methodist Churches for shared discernment and decision-making.

We ask for your prayers and your blessing as we undertake this endeavour on behalf of our two communions, and we assure you of our gratitude for your continuing support, and for your faithful and inspiring witness to the Gospel of Jesus, and to his prayer for unity amongst his followers: “Father, may they all be one, so that the world might believe” (Jn 17:21).

I now introduce the Methodist Co-President of the Commission, Reverend Doctor Edgardo Colón-Emeric, to present you with a copy of the Commission’s report from its eleventh round of dialogue.

Following Bishop Mackinlay’s speech, the Rev. Dr. Edgardo Colon-Emeric, dean of Duke Divinity School, addresses the Holy Father in Spanish. The following text is a translation.

Your Holiness,

Peace and wellbeing. It is a blessing to greet you and share the fruits of our ecumenical labors. Five years ago, I had the opportunity to present to you a Spanish version of our report from the 10th round of Methodist Catholic dialogue titled “The Way to Holiness: From Glory to Glory.” Today I present you a new report, “God Reconciling in Christ: On the Way to Full Communion in Faith, Sacraments and Mission.”

On the cover of the report, you can see a sculpture of the prodigal son embraced by the father. In this parable, we see a reflection of the dreams of this dialogue. Methodists and Catholics long for something deeper than superficial unity. We dream of full recognition of each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and the tender embrace of the Father of whom we are both children.

In our report we reflected on this dream. We first examined the theme of reconciliation from a Christological perspective. Christ is our peace, God seeks to reconcile all things: mother earth, humans, Christians, Methodists and Catholics. We reflected on the church as servant of and pilgrim of the way of reconciliation; we examined the structures and rituals that promote communion and reconciliation in the church like the papacy, the sacrament of penitence and reconciliation, and the Methodist love feast.

One theme on which we found significant convergence was on the close connection between reconciliation and the mission of the church. Together we reflected on our responsibility in promoting social justice, peace, care for our common home, and also celebration of the journey. Truly, we have found that the way of reconciliation is long but joyful because the way abounds in gifts and the future is fiesta.

When our commission had an audience with you five years ago, you said that “we cannot speak of prayer and charity unless together we pray and work for reconciliation and full communion.” I wanted you to know that before that audience [five years ago], the members of the commission had the opportunity of visiting the Scavi. Before the tomb of Saint Peter, we prayed the Lord’s Prayer and a miracle happened. We felt that the weight of centuries of separation was lightened. We felt that were not simply Methodists and Catholics. We were Christians. In the tomb lay our Peter. We prayed to Our Father. We asked forgiveness for Our sins.

Your Holiness, God gives us signs of full communion along the way. May this text and the work of this committee be a seed of unity, not uniformity, that the world may be believe in Christ, our peace.

Following Prof Colon-Emeric’s address, he presents the Holy Father with a copy of “God in Christ Reconciling: On the Way to Full Communion in Faith, Sacraments, and Mission,” the report of the 11th round of dialogue of the Methodist-Roman Catholic international Commission.

Members of the commission

Methodist Members
Reverend Dr Edgardo Colon-Emeric, (Co-Chair) USA
Reverend Matthew A. Laferty (Co-Secretary), Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome
Dr Jung Choi, Korea/USA
Dr Geordan Hammond, United Kingdom
Bishop Lizette Gabriel Montalvo, Puerto Rico
Reverend Dr Glen O’Brien, Australia
Reverend Dr Hermen Shastri, Malaysia
Professor Lilian Cheelo Siwila, Zambia/South Africa

Catholic Members
Bishop Shane Mackinlay (Co-Chair), Australia
Reverend Anthony Currer (Co-Secretary), Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Dr Catherine E. Clifford, Canada
Reverend Dr Gerard Kelly, Australia
Reverend Dr Jorge Scampini, OP, Argentina
Dr Clare Watkins, England
Sister MarySylvia Nwachukwu, DDL, Nigeria
Reverend Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, the Philippines
Reverend Martin Browne, OSB, Ireland

ENCOUNTER – Irish Methodists Visit MEOR

On Sunday, 11 September 2022, a delegation from the Methodist Church in Ireland visited MEOR to learn about its mission. During the encounter, Director Matthew A. Laferty discussed the importance of reconciliation in pursuit of Christian unity. The delegation was comprised of Mr Tom Wilson, Conference Lay Leader, Mr David Nesbitt, Irish Mission partnership coordinator, and the Rev. Barry Sloan, an Irish Methodist minister working as the European mission coordinator for the Methodist Church in Britain. The delegation also attended worship at Ponte Sant’Angelo Methodist Church in Rome – an English-speaking congregation near the Vatican led by the Rev Dr Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman – where Mr Wilson preached. MEOR administrator Stefanie Gabuyo also participated in the encounter.

The Revd David Nixon, president of the Methodist Church in Ireland, who was also in Rome had to return to Belfast to participate in memorial events related to the death of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and, therefore, was unable to visit the Methodist Ecumencial Office Rome.

The delegation departed Rome on Sunday afternoon to visit Lampedusa and tour projects run by Mediterreanean Hope, a migration project of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy.

NEWS – New Commission Members for the Next Round of Methodist-Catholic Dialogue

The Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission (MERCIC) will begin a new round of dialogue in October of this year. Both the World Methodist Council and the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity which sponsor the dialogue have renewed the membership of the commission in preparation for the new round.

Bishop Shane Mackinlay takes over from Bishop John Sherrington as the Catholic co-Chair of the dialogue. Bishop Mackinlay, from the diocese of Sandhurst in Australia, joined the Commission halfway through the last round. He brings both pastoral and academic experience to the commission, having worked in a number of parishes as well as having gained a doctorate in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Leuven. Before being appointed as bishop of Sandhurst in 2019 he was Master of the Catholic Theological College in the University of Divinity, Melbourne.

There are two new Catholic members of the commission: Sr MarySylvia Nwachukwu DDL and Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario CM. Sr Nwachukwu is a sister of the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation. She studied both in Rome and Jerusalem and gained her doctorate in Biblical Studies from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. She is based in Godfrey Okoye University Enugu, Nigeria where she is both a Professor of Biblical Theology and Deputy Vice Chancellor. Fr. Daniel Pilario is a Vincentian missionary who, like Bishop Mackinlay, completed his studies at the Catholic University of Leuven. He is an Associate Professor and Director for the Center of Research and Development at the St Vincent School of Theology at Adamson University, Quezon City in the Philippines. His work focusses particularly on Fundamental Theology and Catholic Social Teaching.

The World Methodist Council has also nominated a new co-Chair. The Rev. Prof. Edgardo Colon-Emeric is currently Dean of the Divinity School at Duke University in North Carolina, USA, a school of theology of The United Methodist Church. Also at Duke, Prof. Colon-Emeric is the Irene and William McCutchen Associate Professor of Reconciliation and Theology and director of the Center for Reconciliation. His work explores the intersection of Methodist and Catholic theologies, and Wesleyan and Latin American experiences. Prof. Colon-Emeric has been a member of the dialogue since 2012.

There are also four new Methodist members of the commission—Bishop Lizzette Gabriel Montalvo, Dr. Jung Choi, the Rev. Dr. Glen O’Brien, and Dr. Geordan Hammond. Bishop Lizzette Gabriel Montalvo was consecrated the bishop of the Methodist Church in Puerto Rico on 12 June 2022 and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Counselling with Families from the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico. She is also a certified spiritual director and the Vice President of Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America and the Caribbean. A native of the Republic of Korea, Dr. Jung Choi is a scholar of the New Testament and early Christianity and serves as Senior Director of Wesleyan Formation Initiatives and co-Director of Asian House of Studies at Duke Divinity School. Dr. Choi received a Doctor of Theology degree from Harvard University and her academic interests lie in prophecy in both the ancient Mediterranean and contemporary world concerning race, gender, and power. The Rev. Dr. Glen O’Brien is a minister of the Uniting Church of Australia and serves a Research Coordinator and Lecturer at Eva Burrows College, University of Divinity, a national learning centre of The Salvation Army Australia. Prof. O’Brien is also a Research Fellow of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research. Dr. Geordan Hammond is the Director of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre and Senior Lecturer in Church History and Wesley Studies at Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, United Kingdom. Originally from the United States and a member of the Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Hammond’s research focuses on church history and theology in Britain and America as well as Wesleyan and Holiness traditions. Additionally, the Reverend Matthew A. Laferty, director of the Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome, will join the commission as the Methodist co-Secretary.

The first meeting of the new round will be in Rome, 2-8 October, hosted by the Methodist Ecumenical Office. The provisional title for this round is, “That the World May Believe: Models of Unity in Belief and Mission”. The commission hopes to examine the inter-related themes of mission and unity in faith. As the Church is commissioned to take the gospel to the ends world, it is constantly encountering new contexts and cultures which ask new questions of the data of faith. The Church must constantly walk a synodal path in order to discern together how to respond to these new situations while remaining faithful to the gospel it has received.

The full commission will be:

Methodist Members:-
Rev. Dr. Edgardo Colon-Emeric, Duke Divinity School, USA, Co-Chair
Rev. Matthew A. Laferty, Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome, Co-Secretary
Dr. Lilian Siwila, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Rev. Dr. Hermen Shastri, General Secretary emeritus of the Council of Churches of Malaysia
Bishop Lizette Gabriel Montalvo, Bishop of the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico
Dr Jung Choi, Duke Divinity School, USA
Rev. Dr. Glen O’Brien, Eva Burrows College, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Geordan Hammond, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester, UK

Catholic Members:-
Bishop Shane Mackinlay, Bishop of Sandhurst, Australia, Co-Chair
Rev. Anthony Currer, Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity, Co-Secretary
Prof. Catherine Clifford, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada
Rev. Gerard Kelly, Priest of Sydney Archdiocese, Australia
Sr MarySylvia Nwachukwu DDL, Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, Nigeria
Fr Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, Adamson University, Quezon City, Philippines
Fr Jorge Alejandro Scampini OP, Pontifical Catholic University, Argentina
Dr Clare Watkins, University of Roehampton, UK