NEWS – World Methodist Council Statement on the Situation on the Ukraine-Russia Border

The World Methodist Council (WMC) views with deep concern reports of mounting tension on the borders of Ukraine and Russia, including a threatened build-up of armed forces from the United States of America to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as an offensive to Russia. Many political commentators consider the recent events “a new Cold War” and “a threat to global peace.“.

The Council calls on ‘the people called Methodist,’ and those of faith who respect human life, rights, and dignity to pursue a “just peace” for all in the war threatened region.

We recognize the region’s long and complex history but are concerned only suffering and destruction would result from armed conflict.

The Council is committed to promoting peace, reconciliation, and justice. We believe that intentional diplomacy, dialogue, and negotiations are the only paths to peace. We encourage all parties to de-escalate this dangerous situation.

The Council asks for prayer for the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. We especially remember Bishop Eduard Khegay of the Eurasia Central Conference of The United Methodist Church and all local and regional church leaders as they minister against a backdrop of an armed standoff.

The Council recognizes that Methodists and other Christians are on each side in this potential conflict and prays that they may be blessed as peace-makers.